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Stresstester is an Analysis Services stress test solution designed to apply a "realistic" query load to an Analysis Services cube or tabular model.


Unzip the the client or server installations and run install. In its simplest form the client and server can be installed on the same machine and function like a non-distributed test engine. To be able to use the PowerPivot model you need to have the PowerPivot add-in installed for Excel.



Configure the server with an approriate port and connect it. Clients can connect either through an IP or a host name. Make sure the appropriate ports etc. are opened in your firewall. To set up a test go to the "Test" tab and either configure a new test or load a saved test. All configuration options have tooltips that explain their purpose.


The only thing that needs to be configured is the server address and port. If the client is running on the same machine as the server the address field can be left blank. Otherwise supply the IP address or host name of the server. Make sure the appropriate ports etc. are opened in your firewall.

PowerPivot model

To analyze the test output in the supplied PowerPivot model you need to change the data source to the output file to the one you want to analyze: PowerPivot ribbon -> Mange -> Existing connections -> PowerPivot connections-> Text log -> Edit -> Make sure "first row contains column headers" is checked -> Save -> Refresh.

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